Smučanje Saint Martin de Belleville

The Village of the 3 Vallées"

Situated at 1450 m, at the entrance of the Vallée des Belleville, this small village has a high chance of making you want to stay. Don´t hesitate. In addition to its unique charm, Saint Martin is an integral part of the 3 Vallées ski area. The joy of a traditional savoyard village combined with the pleasures of fantastic skiing.

Saint Martin de Belleville is an alternative for ski enthusiasts who are looking for an authentic village off the main track. There is no noisy discotheque, but the cosy softness of our childhood Christmas villages. You are in another world, but all the choices and facilities are available. There is a rapid access to the 3 Vallées ski area via a completely new cable car, a nursery for your children from 2 and a half years onwards, and plenty of shops providing all the essential products and services.

Saint Martin de Belleville is an ideal starting place to discover the valley. A system of marked paths, which can be taken on foot or snowshoes, leads through the small villages perched on the side of the mountain. The stone walls are sometimes 2 or 3 centuries old: We still have not invented anything better to protect us from the cold.

Do not hesitate to chat with the inhabitants. The older ones, who still speak local dialect, will be delighted to tell you about the life in the mountains. They may even divulge one of their secrets. Lots of things have changed since the skiers have arrived, but the principal one - the joy of living in this valley - has been preserved.

Smučišče Saint Martin de Belleville

Splošne informacije

Min. višina: 1450 m
Max. višina: 2800 m


Letališče: Chambery, 80 km
Železniška postaja: Moutiers/Salins/Brides, 18 km
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Celotno smučišče: 160 km
Steze za tek na smučeh: 28 km

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