Smučanje Koralpe

Koralpe – Small Scale Austrian Ski Vacations (with Panoramas)
Koralpe in Austria is one of these resorts where the Alps seemed to have been made for the future of skiing and snowboarding. In comparison to other Alps resorts, however, Koralpe is quite a bit smaller, with only 28 km (of some of the best groomed) of slopes in Austria. Just because of its smallness, though, it should not be dismissed. The panormas open up to views of Austrian countryside. The best vistas occur over the 1800-meter mark, with the highest lift dropping off brave skiers at 2070 meters. The lowest skiers can ski is 1550 meters. The 28 km of slopes mentioned earlier are divided among 14 ski runs, one lasting 3 km with a 600-meter vertical drop. Blues go for 12 km, reds go for 13 km and blacks go for 3 km. Koralpe is one of the few Austrian skiing arenas that has no outside connection to other resorts. So, once the bus drops skiers off, the whole of the area opens up to secluded exploration. Other than skiing, there’s snow walking, tobogganing, and paragliding, but snowboarders will be dissapointed as there is no snowboarding park. The easiest way to get to Koralpe is to land at the Klagenfurt airport some 70 km away. One of the highlights of Koralpe skiing is that when Mother Nature turns her back on making snow, 75% of the total slopes can be powdered with snow cannons. Koralpe is geared for children, especially with the child slope, lift, park and child’s carpet lift.
Koralpe Accommodation: Alpine chalets are relatively close by, with hotels and other lodging geared to a crowd staying for less than a week. Koralpe accommodation is great for those staying for a short or extended ski holiday weekend.

Smučišče Koralpe

Splošne informacije

Min. višina: 1550 m
Max. višina: 2070 m


Letališče: Klagenfurt, 70 km
Direkten avtobus z železniške postaje
Direkten smučarski avtobus z železniške postaje

Osnovni podatki o smučišču

Celotno smučišče: 28 km
Najdaljša steza: 3 km

Umeten sneg
Nočna smuka

Modra: 12 km
Rdeča: 13 km
Črna: 3 km


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