Smučanje Mondole Ski: Artesina, Prato Nevoso, Frabosa

In the heart of the Maritime Alps, in Piemont, the province of Cuneo which is easily accessible from all main highways, the Mondole ski complex encompasses the resort of Artesina, Frabosa Soprana and Prato Nevoso.

More than 130 km of well-kept, first class ski-lifts, programmed artificial snowfall, qualified ski-schools and ski clubs specialized in satisfying the desire to ski of many different skiers. Accomodations for four thousand people are avaible, thanks to the numerous hotels, residences and apartments.

There are also many restaurants, local bars typical of the area, discos, pubs and places to meet on the slopes, baite (Alpine refuges), huts located high up on the slopes as well as shops and a shopping centre to make it an ideal holiday place for tourists of all ages.

Smučišče Mondole Ski: Artesina, Prato Nevoso, Frabosa

Splošne informacije

Min. višina: 894 m
Max. višina: 2085 m


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Celotno smučišče: 134 km
Steze za tek na smučeh: 11 km

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