Smučanje St. Urban Simonhöhe

Urban – Simonhöhe. Dreaming of a wonderful winter day, well-groomed slopes and snow in order to put on some skis or a snowboard? – If such is the case, then the family-oriented ski resort Simonhöhe in St. Urban is just the perfect place for you.
Due to snow cannons we have a snow-reliable ski area. There is nothing but plain fun on pists which are completely safe and groomed on a daily basis.
And it is not only the families that are in for some treat, but there is also a large variety of pists of various difficulty levels, from those for the beginners to those for the advanced and expert skiers.
Simonhöhe is also capable of hosting downhill skiing competitions for schools.
Traditional inns are present all around and ice sports area for ice-skating and curling guarantees excellent apres-ski.

Smučišče St. Urban Simonhöhe

Splošne informacije

Min. višina: 990 m
Max. višina: 1340 m


Letališče: Klagenfurt, 23 km
Železniška postaja: Klagenfurt, 23 km
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Celotno smučišče: 15 km
Steze za tek na smučeh: 7 km

Umeten sneg
Nočna smuka

Modra: 9 km
Rdeča: 5 km
Črna: 1 km


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