Pitztal Glacier Rifflsee

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Pitztal Glacier – Rifflesee – Simple To Skilled Slopes For A Ski Vacations
Pitztal Glacier (Rifflesee) is a central location for skiers and boarders interested in getting some powder just minutes from Innsbruck some 57 km away. Ski schools really thrive at Pitztal Glacier (Rifflesee) with the spectrum of perfect altitude range (from 1,640 meters to 3,440 meters). Though there is not much connectivity between other ski resorts, Pitztal Glacier (Rifflesee) has enough challenging slopes by itself, with one slope losing nearly 2,000 meters (1,800 m). The slope breakdown is 14 km of blues, 27 km of reds, and 7 km of blacks. The total number of ski slopes accessible under the only ski pass is 48 km. All three levels, however, may not be adequately rated for each level — a difficult blue is closer to an easy red for instance, so visitors must exercise caution on all the slopes no matter ability. Much of Austria’s skiing last for a long and snowy winter. Pitztal Glacier is by no means different. The ski season opens up in mid September and runs till mid May (or longer). When Mother Nature refuses to dump the buckets of fresh powder, over 70% of the total ski runs can be covered with homemade flakes. The aprčs ski venues are not as extreme as larger resorts, but the restaurants and pubs are just as succulent. Plus, the serenity brings a certain peace to dinner after a day on the scarp.
Pitztal Glacier Rifflesee Accommodation:
Much of the accommodation in and around Pitztal Glacier has that alpine feel. Three star hotels are the easiest to find, especially at the beginning and end of the ski season. Some hotels are dubbed as “Sport” or “Spa”, which means they offer certain luxuries that other lodges do not.

4 restaurants, 2 pubs

Pitztal Glacier Rifflsee

Smučišče Pitztal Glacier Rifflsee

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Min. višina: 1640 m
Max. višina: 3440 m


Letališče: Innsbruck, 57 km
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Celotno smučišče: 48 km
Steze za tek na smučeh: 2 km

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Modra: 5 km
Rdeča: 12 km
Črna: 3 km


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